developing a health care system

A new island has been discovered in the Pacific Ocean. This island is approximately the size of Texas and has a temperate climate. United Nations officials have deemed this new land mass to be its own sovereign nation and have established a fledgling government made up of bureaucrats from nations all over the world. The island was uninhabited when discovered, but since its discovery has grown in population to about 25 million people when its borders were closed. This new nation has appointed your group to oversee the formation of its national health care system.

Your assignment is to develop a new health care system based on the examples of the countries described in Chapter 10. Do not just pick one health care system already established by a country, but take strategies from each country you find to be the best and develop your own, new heath care system. You must rationalize your final decision for each area. Your new healthcare system should specifically address the following health care issues:

  • Financing
  • Reimbursing
  • Providing
  • The assignment is to be completed in paragraph form, meaning written with words like a book and not just a list of bullet points. There are no right or wrong answers. The final project must identify which country the idea and justification came from to address each health care issue.


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