Editing and Proofreading Task (Mechanics and Punctuation

Using your textbook (especially Appendix, Part C), identify the error in each sentence. Correct the error using Track Changes in Word.

  1. Many students fail to understand the importance of proofreading their work and it shows in their project grades.
  2. The report will be distributed to Operations, Research and Development and Accounting.
  3. Just as we finished eating the bell rang.
  4. Connie my Technical Communication instructor is looking forward to her winter break.
  5. One of the many possibilities, is editing the draft to earn a higher grade.
  6. I still need one thing to ace this assignment; a charming personality.
  7. My instructor asked me if I knew what I was doing for last week’s assignment?
  8. It is clear to me that this sweater is hers’.
  9. She replied “Yes, that’s the correct answer for the last question.”
  10. This textbook is a newly-acquired offering at the bookstore.
  11. My accounting instructor assigned 3 textbooks.
  12. 25 people showed up to the meeting on Thursday.
  13. The university I attend is located in mankato, Minnesota.
  14. I have always preferred pepsi over coke.
  15. The screw measured .025 inches.
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