EMGT 5130 New Business Development

  • Choose an innovative company
  • Analyze its industry and its trends (history and future prediction)
  • Analyze your choice of company’s product models, trends, and business strategies
  • Based on those, propose new product design concepts in terms of product functions and features (This will be your fictitious product)
  • Develop a high-level marketing plan for that fictitious product with the following items (you must discuss these in your submission):
    • Marketing objectives
    • Target customer segments
    • Product offering descriptions with positioning map
    • Conduct marketing research using existing materials and information from the web and other sources in terms of customers, their needs, preference, market potential for maximum sales, sales forecast, etc.
    • Marketing mix (specifically)
    • In completing your marketing plan, do some quantitative and qualitative analysis (e.g., a specific price or cost)using web and diverse sources of information.
    • Output: A professional presentation.

You must submit the PPT slides with audio-recording inserted. Each student mu

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