Instructions: Find an article online about a topic that interests you. You may use a database from our library that’s provided on the course page, or you may use an online search engine. The Opposing Viewpoints database would be the easiest and most reliable for this type of assignment. That particular database would also give you great ideas for research paper topics.

Read your chosen article closely and answer ALL of the following questions to the best of your ability. Think of each assignment as practice. The more you do, the more prepared you’ll be for doing research and to write your own paper. I treat these analysis worksheets as participation, so you will receive full credit for each one as long as you answer every question.


**NOTE: These are not essay assignments. You only need to answer each question. **


  1. What is the issue (the main topic)?
  2. What is the argument (writer’s position on the main topic)?
  3. Identify and provide the one sentence you think is the writer’s main claim (thesis).
  4. What reasons does the writer give to support the main claim (HINT: Examine the topic sentence—first sentence—of each body paragraph).
  5. What kind of evidence does the writer provide to support the claim?
  6. What counter argument(s), if any, does the author mention? A counter argument identifies a position opposite that of the writer and explains why that opposing view is flawed.
  7. Did the author influence your thinking about the argument? Why or why not?
  8. What is your position on the topic and what reasons do you have for your position?
  9. Create an APA reference entry for the article (use the library APA link for help).
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