English question


  1. The problem

    1.  The Kaleidoscope magazine on campus is doing poorly and not very many people know they exist

  1. Compared to art focus groups

  • . Virginia Tech has a similar program that is doing well

  1. Art Instagrams can be moderately successful and fairly profitable (when ran properly)

  1. The root of the issue

  • . Kaleidoscope does very few updates.

  1. When posts are made on Instagram, they are unengaging

  2. The pandemic is probably affecting their already poor physical distribution of the magazine.

  3. Kaleidoscope does not have a detailed schedule that shows deadlines for submissions, the exact time for publication

  4. The need for sponsors

  1. social media

  2. Step one: scheduling

  • . Sit down and create a posting schedule of at least one or two posts a

    1. ((insert research on the algorithm and profitable posting days))

  1. Step two: collaborate (for your online platform)

  • . Reach out and talk to clubs with focuses on similar interests

    • . e FITV

  1. Talk to clubs that might have a unique perspective on art

    • . e culture-based club

  1. the closure of the Ruth funk center means fewer students will be given an easy opportunity to experience works with a diverse viewpoint

  1. Don’t be afraid to reach outside the college to the Melbourne area

    • . Continue working with galleries like the Eau Gallie Art Gallery

  1. Inform students of places they can be creative

        1. I.e ceramic studios, community art classes

  1. Step three: experiment with other platforms

  • . Try tweet

  1. A podcast



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