Environmental Science Question

Subject of the paper: Air Odour Quality and Sustainability

Request: Write an APA research paper which discussed the air odour quality and sustainability. The paper needs to present the following:

  • Introduction to the topic

  • Methods of measuring air odour quality

  • Compare and contrast the difference between air quality in the modern days and in the history (this needs to be the biggest part of the paper)

  • Why does air quality need to change for the future

  • Recommendations which would improve the concept

  • Conclusion

As you can see, the subject does NOT focus only on the concept of pollution. It is more in depth than that, and focuses mostly on the concept of air odour(smell). The professor is not interested to read a full paper about pollution as that is too vague, but more interested in the concept of odour pollution.

One of the references which MUST be used and cited was attached. Read it in order to have a better understanding regarding what the professor wants to read. In addition to this article, an addition of other minimum 6 academic references must be used.

Format: the paper needs to be 2500 words, written in APA Format, Double Spaced, Times New Roman 12. The number of words does not include cover and reference page as those are excluded from the counting by all academic institutions.

Grammar: This is a writing task which means that grammar is a very important element. For this work to be considered, it needs to score at least 90 points out of 100 on Grammarly. In order to achieve that, avoid using passive voice and make sure that the sentences are coherent without spellchecking errors.

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