Essay assignment CRN: 13436



Write an essay with the range of 500 to 1000 words explaining what did learn during the semester.  Mainly, you need to forget the point that you are a student and you are now a professional investor. Each part of investment you choose need to be clarified why you selected that. Thus, you can

  • explain some investment strategies that you will follow.
  • Resources you can get information for your investment.
  • What kind of financial assets and real assets (you can exclude real assets if you want with some explanations why you think so); the assets you would like to invest should be precise meaning you can’t just say government bonds (need to specify what country). Also, general stock need to be specified like Apple, Microsoft …. Etc and why you think it is profitable.
  • Mainly, you need to construct a portfolio of different financial assets and if you would like real assets.
  • What factors that might affect your portfolio?
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