1. How many young people are there if there are 35 old people and the ratio of old to young is 7 to 1?
A) 7
B) 1
C) 21
D) 5
E) 10



  1. If 28 out of 100 persons, on average, prefer to watch action movies, what is the nearest full percentage of those people, rounded to the nearest multiple of ten?
A) 28%
B) 2.8%
C) 0.28%
D) 30%
E) 0.2%



  1. One and a half pieces are required for one man to eat. There are four and a half portions required for three men to eat. How many servings are required if there are twelve men eating?
A) Twelve
B) Fourteen
C) Sixteen
D) Eighteen
E) Twenty



  1. A beverage with five measures of pineapple juice, one measure of orange juice, and three measures each of lime juice and orange juice. Five beverages will need to be made, so
A) Twenty-five measures of pineapple juice, 25 measures of orange juice, and 15 measures of lime juice.
B) 15 measures of pineapple juice, 12 measures of lime juice, and 5 measures of orange juice
C) 15 measures of lime juice, 6 measures each of orange and pineapple juice, and 20 measures of each.
D) Six measures of orange juice, 15 measures of pineapple juice, and 15 measures of lime juice.
E) 25 measures of pineapple juice, 12 measures of lime juice, and 4 measures of orange juice



  1. A t-shirt costs $4 extra for every ten people who purchase one. The t-starting shirt’s cost was $24. The t-shirt is purchased by 22 individuals. What is the current price of it?
A) $36
B) $34
C) $32
D) $30
E) $28



  1. An organization that provides physical training maintains a ratio of at least three instructors to every ten students. The number of teachers must always be even. What is the minimal number of instructors needed in the organization if there are 110 pupils there?
A) 34
B) 33
C) 32
D) 36
E) 30



  1. A group of pals, 72% of whom enjoy trekking in their spare time. Everyone else in the group does not. How may the number of friends, rounded to the next first decimal place, who don’t enjoy hiking be effectively stated as a percentage of the entire group?
A) 0.28
B) 0.3
C) 0.2
D) 0.38
E) 0.7



  1. A project is being worked on by a group of writers. The job should be finished in 140 hours. The team initially consists of ten writers. The anticipated project completion time drops by 4 hours for each additional writer on the team. The anticipated project completion time grows by 4 hours if a writer departs. The crew grows by 50% in size. The group then includes one more person. What is the updated projected date of project completion?
A) 124 hours
B) 130 hours
C) 114 hours
D) 120 hours
E) 116 hours



  1. Two pieces of soft leather, three pieces of hard rubber, one piece of wood, and two pieces of cotton are used to make one pair of shoes. How much toughened rubber and cotton are required in total to create 12 pairs of shoes?
A) 24 parts cotton, 36 parts toughened rubber
B) Toughened rubber in 30 parts and cotton in 20 parts
C) 26 parts cotton, 39 parts toughened rubber
D) 12 parts cotton, 18 parts toughened rubber
E) 18 parts cotton, 24 parts toughened rubber



  1. Over the course of eight months, an advertising-supported magazine makes $120,000. The magazine’s earnings will increase by 20% if it adds two more ad places. Advertising space and revenue have a linear connection. In eight months, the journal is able to make $156,000 from advertising. How many ad spots were made available?
A) No change
B) -1 ad space
C) + 1 advertisement
D) -2 ad spaces
E) +3 ad spaces



  1. Two men are attempting to strengthen their cardiovascular systems. One man runs five miles in the early morning. The second man runs a distance that is two times as long as the first, plus one additional mile. How far did the two men run together overall?
A) 10. Miles
B) 15 miles
C) 20 miles
D) 16 miles
E) 14 miles



  1. There are 148 footballs in a sports facility. In the first six months of the year, 28 footballs are either lost or irreparably damaged. Then, the facility buys 14 footballs. A total of 36 footballs are lost or irreparably damaged throughout the second half of the year. How many playable footballs does the facility have left at the end of the year?
A) 94
B) 84
C) 98
D) 88
E) 96



  1. The male has two interests. His primary interest is shooting, and he also enjoys wrestling. He must spend two fewer hours grappling for every hour more he spends shooting due to travel times and other issues. The man first spends 12 hours of wrestling and 20 hours of shooting per month. He chooses to spend an additional four hours filming the next month. How many hours does he wrestle in that month?
A) 4 Hours
B) 8 hours
C) 6 hours
D) 10 hours
E) 12 hours



  1. A worker puts in six hours a day and receives $10.50 an hour. How much money does she make in a week if she works five days a week?
A) $ 325
B) $ 315
C) $ 305
D) $ 300
E) $ 330



  1. Three pals choose out a hotel room to reserve. They create damage while they are here and are given a bill when they check out. The $682 total amount due. The first friend pays $242 toward the tab. How much does each friend pay if the two other friends split the remaining cost equally?
A) $ 280
B) $ 240
C) $ 220
D) $ 231
E) $ 210



  1. A company encounters a challenging period. At first, it offered its salespeople a wage of $20 per hour. Due to the challenging circumstances, this wage has been decreased by 25%. When business picks up, the proprietors raise each employee’s pay by 50% of what they were originally paid. How much does a salesperson currently make per hour?
A) $25
B) $20
C) $30
D) $35
E) $15



  1. A company has a maximum possible workforce of 24 employees. The company pays each employee $15 per hour. The company is currently working with only half of its full personnel. What is the total amount paid by the company if the present staff works for 6 hours?
A) $ 1220
B) $ 1120
C) $ 1200
D) $ 1000
E) $ 1080



  1. A woman chooses to travel a distance by car. She travels at a 60 mph average. She has traveled a total of 12000 miles. What is the total distance she has traveled after three days, assuming she drives for 10 hours per day at an average speed?
A) 1400 miles
B) 1200 miles
C) 600 miles
D) 2400 miles
E) 1800 miles



  1. A business that offers outdoor training buys two parcels of property. 180 feet long is the first piece of land. The second piece of property is half as long as the first. How much land are on each plot together?
A) 360 feet
B) 370 feet
C) 360 feet
D) 290 feet
E) 270 feet



  1. A man creates a brand-new bank account. On the last day of each month, interest is paid on the account’s balance. In the first half of the month, he deposits $140, and in the second, $540. 10% is the interest rate. On the first day of the second month that the account has been open, what is his balance?
A) $748
B) $680
C) $740
D) $728
E) $734



  1. A man spends $780 on one work of art and $2800 on another. The price of the art carries a 10% tax. What does the man pay in total?
A) $ 3838
B) $ 3938
C) $ 3983
D) $ 3883
E) $ 3838



  1. Two types of tables are sold by a tiny local table manufacturer. The price difference between two types of tables is $40 and $56. The table manufacturer sells 120 of the first type of table and 600 of the second type over the course of three months. What is the appropriate ratio between the first table’s sales and the second table’s sales?
A) 1:3
B) 1:4
C) 1:5
D) 1:6
E) 4:1



  1. Eight toys are made in a day by a factory. How many toys does the factory manufacture in four weeks, assuming it produces the same number each day and is open seven days a week?
A) 212
B) 224
C) 228
D) 204
E) 226



  1. A man wants to put on more weight before a sporting event. The man is 220 pounds in the outset. The man increases his body weight by 5% during the first week of trying, and then he increases it by an extra 5% during the second week to reach his goal weight. What is the man’s new weight after this two-week period?
A) 240 lb
B) 242 lb
C) 244 lb
D) 238 lb
E) 236 lb



  1. A company uses vehicle A and vehicle B, two different types of transport vehicles. Vehicle A can accommodate 24 passengers, while Vehicle B can accommodate 18 passengers. The company uses three vehicle As and two vehicle Bs for a specific journey. All of the vehicles are completely occupied. How many passengers are traveling?
A) 104
B) 106
C) 114
D) 108
E) 116



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