Excursions in World Music.

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 Study Guide: The Caribbean


  1. Rake ‘n’ scrape is a traditional music of _______________________ with instrumentation that typically includes:



  1. Define the term “Diaspora”



  1. The Caribbean also shares a _______________ history. The region was born in the violence of the middle passage, _____________, _____________________, and imposed _________________ laws, languages, religions, and economies.


  1. What does the term “religious syncretism” mean?



  1. A variety of syncretic religious systems have developed in the Caribbean including ______________ in Haiti, ____________ in Cuba,   _____________ in Trinidad, and   ____________ in the Bahamas.


  1. What were the two indigenous groups that inhabited the Caribbean prior to Colonization? What happened to them?



  1. African and European derived musical practices, instruments and aesthetics predominate throughout the Caribbean. In many instances, these traits combine to create new instruments and new genres of music. List as many examples as you can throughout the chapter:


African traits/instruments:



European traits/instruments:



New instruments/styles:




  1. What is kalenda, and what role did this genre play in early Carnival celebrations in Trinidad?




  1. The banning of drumming in Trinidad during the late 19th century resulted in a new genre of music called ___________________ that consists of different sized bamboo percussion instruments that accompany vocals and utilize polyrhythm.


  1. What is the typical instrumentation for Calypso music in Trinidad?



  1. Why were Calypsonians considered potentially dangerous by elites and government officials?



  1. The ____________________, which replaced the tamboo bamboo ensembles in Trinidad in the 1940s, is composed of idiophones made from oil drums that have been tuned to play a range of pitches.


What is the engine room?


How do these ensembles mirror Western orchestral roles?  How do they differ?



  1. ______________ developed as a secular alternative to sacred African-derived drumming traditions in Cuba and consists of two main sections: ________________ ( narrative text) and _________________ (call and response with the chorus and percussion).


  1. How has rumba music been popularized and disseminated throughout the Caribbean and North America. How has the genre been altered for “exportation” to Western nations?




  1. Describe the unique origins of the Garifuna people



In what areas would you find the Garifuna people today?



  1. ______________ is a song genre usually composed by_____________ and performed during festivals, at wakes, and at celebrations that follow dugu ceremonies.


  1. What are some difference between punta and punta rock? Why did the Garifuna popularize a traditional musical genre?



  1. In what ways do the Garifuna continue to face significant challenges to their identity?



  1. In what ways does merengue music from the Dominican Republic emphasize Iberian traits?



  1. How have travel and tourism affected musical development in the Caribbean?



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