executive and marketing plan

Your team will select a hotel, resort, restaurant, event or other elements of hospitality, tourism
and event system and have it approved. You will work as a team to develop a detailed
Marketing Plan using the attached outline as your guide, using research that you gather to assist
you in determining the elements of the plan. *Note -You are not researching an existing
marketing plan, but gathering data and information and using that research to develop and
execute your own conclusions and ideas.
Page 1: Title page
 Name of the company, group member names
 Course number, date
Page 2: Executive summary- 1-2 pages (10 points)
 Summarize your plan and include:
o Current environment that requires some retooling
o The situation facing your company that requires a change in strategy
o Proposal for your plan- big picture (Originality is important. That is, you cannot use
the company’s existing strategy.)
 For example: Targeting a new market, developing a new product, expanding to a
new area/location, altering the promotional strategy
o Briefly describe how that plan will be enacted (marketing mix)
o Explain your budgetary constraints (broadly how much money you plan to spend and
how much benefit you can get)
o Marketing plan objectives (i.e., increase room rate, increase awareness, increase food
bill, etc.),
o Measure of success (i.e. what kind of measures—should be related to your objectives)
Marketing Plan
Heading: Introduction- 2-3 pages (5 points)
 Identify your company, what business they are in, and what in their environment is
creating a need for a new plan, general background/relevant information
 Briefly overview your plan,
o Discuss the unique background and philosophy behind our company
o Then move more broadly to our S.W.O.T. analysis where we particularly focus on
our competition.
o Discuss the characteristics of the existing target market and your desired target
o Discuss your plan’s objectives
o Discuss budgetary constraints
o End with some guidelines for the future growth of the company.
Heading: Environmental Scanning- 3-4 pages (20 Points)
Include at least two references: one can be the company’s web-site
 Company background
o More detailed background information about the company that was not included
in the Introduction, such as
– When did the business begin?
– Who started the company?
– What is the size of the company then and now?
– What types of products/services are offered?
– What makes them unique?
– What is the company’s mission statement?
– How has the company evolved over time?
 Who are their major competitors?
 Then move on to the S.W.O.T. analysis. Include references here as well to back-up your
o S.W.O.T
o Identify what in your S.W.O.T. analysis will motivate the logic for your proposed
plan (e.g., there is an opportunity for expanding or going after a new market, or
their major weakness is in employee retention so the focus of the plan is making
employees happier…)
Heading: Target Market (2 pages) (20 points)
 Describe your company’s current target market
o Identify whether your target market for the marketing plan is the same or not
 If not, who is the target market for your marketing plan?
o Describe who they are (demographic- age, race, income, social status, and
psychographic- lifestyle)
o Why do they buy the products/services offered?
Heading: Objectives (1-2 pages) (10 points)
 What are the short-term and long-term goals for your plan?
o Short term: 6 months – 1year
o Long term: 1-5 years
 How much are you able to invest to reach these objectives. Use Marketing plan budget
template and ROI template (if your plan is longer than 1 year.)
Heading: Marketing Strategy (3-4 pages) (20 points)
 Begin with an overview of the big picture strategy
o Discuss the strategy how it will affect each part of your marketing mix Changes in the
marketing mix (including the 4Ps):
– Product:
– Price:
– Promotion:
– Place:
Heading: Marketing Control (1.5-2 pages) (10 points)
o How will you know if your plan was successful?
o How are you planning on measuring your results?
o What will you do if you don’t see the expected results?
o If you decide to continue, how much money can you spend more? (budgetary
constraints, try to be realistic given the size of your company)
o What is your long term plan?
Last Page: References (10 points)
o Include any references made in your plan here, in APA style (useful website:
Additional Items:
o Attach your “Marketing plan budget and ROI” Excel workbook as an appendix
o If you have a sample ad, a sample new product description, etc. etc. that you want to
include in your plan, add that as an appendix
You need to bring an outline including the following:
o Your company
o Group members
o The situation facing your company that requires a new approach
o Big picture of what that approach will be (your strategy)
o Type of information you have so far that you will use in your plan
In the outline, if you have any additional information or questions to me

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