F22 Program

To complete this assignment, review the articles below. Especially note the second article which highlights a failed project strategy in the Air Force F-22 development program. The F-22 program included many thousands of projects for over a decade. This project was probably not considered a major challenge to complete, but the project failure resulted in severe impacts on the overall program.





For this assignment, use Canvas Studio to create a PechaKucha-style presentation that describes what you believe could have been some of the contributing factors to this deficient project management strategy. Use no more than 5 slides (not including a title slide and reference slide) with only 15 seconds per slide.

Review the Media Hub and Pecha Kucha tabs in the Presentation Guide in the Course-Specific Information area for detailed information on Canvas Studio and Pecha Kucha. Review the rubric in this activity for specific grading information.

Post your presentation for all to view; you will not be able to see your classmates’ presentations until you post your own. Take time to review your classmates’ presentations to expand your knowledge on this topic. Comments on classmates’ presentations are not required.


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