Feasibility study of project

Groups instructions for the proposed projects:
First, each group should develop a project title, idea, and thought (innovation task). Indeed,
the developed project must respect and obey Saudi law, community values, and the Umm
Alqura University policy.
Second, each group has to make sure that its project idea does not match other groups
(Coordinating tasks between the groups).
Third, each group needs to applicate and execute what the group learns in this course into the
group-developed project.
Fourth, each group should submit its developed project within two stages; first, the word file
(maximum 18 pages) which includes many details about the project. Second, the PowerPoint
file (maximum 12 slides) will be a summarization of the word file with some different touches
like an outline, charts, tables, keywords, images…etc
Fifth, the best group will be graded based on the best group that will deliver a good
presentation and apply the knowledge that has been learned through this course. The above
will maintain a healthy competitive environment between the groups.
Sixth, the word file is due at the end of week 8 and the PowerPoint file is on week 9. You may
work on them together because the PowerPoint file is based on the word file.
Seventh, if any group will do its task early, that is accepted, and feel free to book time for
presenting your developed project.

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