Chisholm University’s new athletics director must reallocate the athletics budget in its entirety, balancing legal obligations with broader educational and financial goals. A committee appointed to work on this issue had failed to reach consensus due to disagreements about how to comply with Title IX, the law mandating gender parity in all educational offerings, including athletics. The athletics director has the facts organized into an optimization problem so she can systematically balance the tradeoffs and manage system demands or constraints. Using the case study ‘y

Download Fair Play at Chisholm University‘ act as a consultant and create a paper addressing the following:

  • Summarize the major issues of the case (one page),
  • Analysis and evaluate Burke’s three options and concerns/strategies to address the issues from a financial, legal, athletic department/conference continuity lens (at least two to three pages),
  • Pick the best strategy and justify your strategy selection by documenting how you will optimize the budget while balancing legal obligations with broader educational and financial goals (at least two pages),
  • Provide chart documentation of how your choice will help Chisholm University with its financial goals moving forward (one page).
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