Futures of Over-the-Rhine

In this assignment, you will watch the video, Futures of Over-the-Rhine, and write a reflection paper on the contents of the video. Over-the-Rhine is a historic neighborhood in Cincinnati, OH established by German immigrants in the nineteenth century. Over the course of the years, the neighborhood has transitioned from being a prosperous place to live and work to a dilapidated area of the city. The video introduces you to Gentrification, a process typical for the old ran down neighborhoods that went through the similar transition as Over-the-Rhine. The video was made in 2008-2009 by the author of your textbook, Dr. Jim Rubinstein who is currently retired. The process of gentrification in Cincinnati started in early 2000s and continues until now.

You can access the video by clicking on Media Gallery in the left-hand Canvas navigation menu.

In your paper, please address the following questions:

1. Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and its history;

2. Gentrification in Over-the-Rhine;

3. Economic mix in Over-the-Rhine;

4. If you are familiar with the neighborhood, please describe the changes that occurred there after this video was made (2008-2009).

5. How do you see the future of Over-the-Rhine?

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