GatorRaider Project

This project will provide students with practice working with inheritance and polymorphism in programming
languages. “GatorRaider” is a game whose play and levels are based on Ms. Pac-Man. In this game, four defender
characters (other lousy mascots) attempt to limit the damage by an attacker character (gator). Each student will
be building a controller for the attacking character. This controller will have the following specification which
students are required to follow (which is already done for you):
Package: edu.ufl.cise.cs1.controllers
Class Name: StudentAttackerController
Implements: AttackerController
Getting the Code Base
This project requires students to work in an existing code base. You will need to download the project from the
Git repository on GitHub, using the following URL to clone the repository:
Game Mechanics
In this game, the attacker is attempting to cover as much of the terrain as possible, while the defenders attempt to
limit the terrain covered by the attacker. The play occurs in two distinct modes: Normal and Vulnerable.
Normal Mode
In Normal Mode, the attacker tries to cover terrain while avoiding the defenders. If any defender reaches the
attacker, the attacker dies and loses a life, starting at the initial location once again.


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