calculate your family’s environmental footprint. Go toThe Nature Conservancy Carbon Footprint Calculatorand calculate your total carbon footprint. After you finish the quiz, please write a short summary that includes both your results and a reflection on your ecological footprint. Your summary should take the format below. An example of an “A” paper is provided for your reference. Your summary should also be typed and should be about one page single-spaced, (12pt font, New Times Roman) in length.

Part I. My Ecological Footprint (10 pts)

Save the pie chart or histogram chart after you complete all of the questions on the website. This must be embedded in your one-page summary document. Include this statement in your report. “The household I used for this project is in (city, state/country).”

Part II: Reflection (30 pts)

Think about the results of this quiz and write a one-paragraph reflection on your results.

  • Were you surprised by your family’s footprint?
  • What were some of the things that made your family’s footprint so high?
  • What areas, in particular, does your family need to address?
  • Finally, list the five most important changes that you and your family would be willing to do to decrease your ecological footprint.
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