History Question

Apparently, according to political pundits, we live now in a post-911 world, where we are ever more vigilant in thwarting terror and also more active fighting terror. But are we really? Yes, sure America was hit with a deadly terror attack that killed thousands but what happened after, was it really something new? Something that we get to label as “post?” After 911 we attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq and then Libya and now Syria. We fight/fought “new” enemies such as Al Qaeda and ISIS or ISIL or Daesh or whatever you want to call them. Is ISIS gone? Who are these folk we are fighting? Who are we fighting now? Are they new? Has really much changed from our policies that began with the Age of Imperialism? Were we committing similar military actions during the Spanish/American War? Guantanamo Bay, built the year of the Spanish/American War, remains in Cuba. Are those we term “terrorists” still locked up there? Why or why not do we “live in a post-911 world?”

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