human resource

. Think of the time you first joined an employer. In what ways did the company and your coworkers socialize you? What could have been done to enhance your socialization experience?

2. How do you think technology can be used best to socialize new employees and get them productive as quickly as possible? When would using technology not be a good way to socialize employees?

3. What are the factors that would make you most likely to quit your current job (assuming you are currently working)? What could your organization do to retain you?

4. What downsizing targeting methods do you feel are the most effective? Which are the least effective, and why?

5. If you had to discharge an employee who you thought had the potential for violence, what would you do?

6. What socialization methods would you most enjoy? Which would you least enjoy? Why?

7. How would you feel if your socialization to a new employer occurred entirely online and through social media? Would this be effective? Why or why not?

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