IIE3120 Production Planning

• Homework is team-based. Each team member is expected to solve the problem on their own, and then,
discuss it with team members to compile answers for submission.
• Homework must be turned in via the submission link posted in LearnUs by each team, i.e., homework
submitted by one team member will be counted for other team members.
• Homework should be submitted by the due date. Late homework submission will not be accepted unless
pre-approved by instructor with an acceptable reason. Also, no homework submission results in “0”
• Answers should be hand-written or typed and compiled in a single pdf file with a cover page including
team members’ names attached.
• Show your work explicitly and clearly to get full/partial credit for each problem.
• Grading policy
– Excellent: 10
– Very Good: 9
– Good: 8
– Satisfactory: 7
– Not Satisfactory: below 6 (no submission results in ”0”)

• All the problems to accompany Nahmias, S. and Olsen, T.L. (2015). Productions and Operations Analysis,
7th edition, Waveland Press, Inc.

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