Individualized Marriage

Strong/Cohen; The Marriage and Family Experience 14th Edition
Chapter 8 Create Activity

Individualized Marriage
Some argue that the advent of the individualized marriage has steadily eroded marriage as an
institution designed to meet the needs of society. With individualized marriage, personal
happiness takes a primary role. This sometimes results in divorce or even the choice not to marry
in the first place. For this activity, use a sociological lens to examine the generational changes to
the institution of marriage.
Report on the marital beliefs of an older married couple, a middle-aged, married couple, and a
young couple not yet married. The couples can be from television, the news, or your personal
experience. Use one to two major concepts and theories and appropriate terminology from the
text to explain what has changed in the purpose of relationships and marriage from one
generation to the next. Be sure to (1) explain each concept, theory, and term applied, (2) explain
how each concept and theory applies to the ideals of traditional marriage versus modern marriage
in the United States, and (3) evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of marriage in each generation
from a societal standpoint

Requirements for paper:
– Paper must be in MLA Format
– Font is Times New Roman with 12 for the size
– Paper should be double space

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