innovation proposal


[Briefly discuss what this proposal is about (the purpose, context, motivations, importance, etc.)  This should be one or two paragraphs, no more]


[Provide a brief description of the current situations relevant to your innovation: what it is currently; how does it affect the organization; who are the users; what are the issues with it; etc.  This should be one full page]

Empathy Map

[Describe how you created the empathy map based on user observations. Include four empathy maps and explain the content of the empathy maps in one short paragraph.]

Creating Personas

[Create three personas that you created for this innovation (based on user attributes identified in the experience \ empathy map). Use narrative paragraphs for each persona and include pictures if available. You must create at least 3 personas.]

Creating Scenarios and Storyboards

[You need to create at least 2 scenarios of typical uses of your innovation. Describe each scenario and the storyboards created for it separately. Include picture of storyboards for each scenario and describe what is in the pictures. In other words, you will describe one scenario, present picture(s) of the storyboard drawings for the scenario, and describe the contents in the picture, then present the second scenario with its storyboard picture and descriptions.]


[Present your mobile application prototype here. You can use PowerPoint or AdobeXd to develop your application.  Describe the features and functions of your prototype. Think of this section as a mini user manual for your innovation. It is important that your prototype reflects the scenarios and storyboards discussed in the section above.]

Implementation Plan

[Briefly discuss your plan to implement and market your innovation.  Should be one to two paragraphs]

Justification for the Innovation

[Discuss why this innovation is useful and important.  Two to three paragraphs]



Theoretical and Business Justifications

[Use concepts you learned in the readings and videos to justify why this is a good innovation.  Two to three paragraphs]


[Provide a conclusion, which summarizes your concept, the justifications and why someone should invest or purchase this application form you. Three to four paragraphs]




















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