Internal Communication Plan

A manufacturing company is facing challenges in effectively communicating
with its employees. The company has grown rapidly in recent years and has
a diverse workforce of 6,500 people in 7 branches spread across multiple
locations. As a result, there are communication gaps and misunderstandings
among employees, which have led to lower morale and productivity.
Additionally, the company is planning to implement a major change, such as
transitioning to a more automated manufacturing process, and is concerned
about how this will be received by employees.
The company recognizes the importance of clear and consistent
communication to maintain a positive and productive work environment and
is seeking to develop an internal communication plan to address these
As the Internal Communications Director for this company, you have been
asked to create an Internal Communication Plan.
The Internal Communication Plan will include steps to ensure that all
employees are informed and updated on the changes and that their concerns
and questions are addressed. The company also aims to improve
communication among employees across different locations and to create a
culture of open communication and feedback.
The Internal Communication Plan should be written in report format and
include enough details and specifics that the internal communication team of
the organization could directly implement the plan if they choose to. Provide
references (APA style) wherever applicable and if you cite information that
is not common knowledge.
Please be as specific as possible when addressing each of the following
1. (10 marks)
1a. Brief introduction of the organization including its history, structure,
culture, etc. Here, describe the situation that calls for the internal
communication plan, including the SWOT analysis of the organization if
applicable. (8 marks)
1b. Also, what are the internal communication issues/problems? (2 marks )
2. (20 marks)
2a. IC Plan objectives: Propose at least three goals/objectives for the internal
communication program. (6 marks)
2b. What are the expected outputs, outtakes, and outcomes? (9 marks )
2c. Audience Analysis (Who are the target audience for the internal
communication program? How is the audience segmented? (5 marks )
3. (15 marks)
3a. Strategic role (Identify the strategy or strategies for the communication
plan. (5 marks).
3b. What are the overall concepts, approaches, or general plans to achieve
the goal(s) and objectives? (10 marks)
4. (15 marks)
4a. Key Messages: (Create three key messages for this communication
campaign, What do you want the employees to know, remember, think
about, or do? (3 marks)
4b. Tactics/Channels: Describe how the messages will be communicated to
the internal audience. Be specific. Using your knowledge of internal
communication channels, apply at least seven internal communication
channels in this context. Be creative. (12 marks )
5. (15 marks)
5. Evaluation: Discuss how the internal communication efforts will be
evaluated (7.5 marks) and what will be evaluated. (7.5 marks

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