International Destination Report

Part 1: Background Information

  • Briefly introduce the country you chose
  • Why you chose this destination
  • Location (where it is in relation to the rest of the world), size comparison (for example: similar in size to Texas, twice the size of Oklahoma, etc.)
  • Briefly discuss geography, climate
  • Currency and exchange rates (with USD)


Part 2: Culture, Interesting Facts and News

  • Culture (i.e., cultural norms, customs, and traditions, i.e. etiquette, food and drink, fashion, habitat, etc.)
  • At least two interesting or fun facts
  • One recent news event that may influence travel and tourism to this country


Part 3: Tourism Attractions and Regulations

  • Tourism
    • Major attractions, art, entertainment (must see sights)
    • A festival that highlights a unique aspect of the country, for example, culture or food
    • A UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country that you would like to visit (on the rare chance that you have chosen a destination with no WHS, please indicate this)
  • Travel and tourism regulations (for example: visa requirements, custom regulations, COVID-19-related regulations)


Part 4: Traveling to the Destination

  • Travel to the destination
    • Assume you are taking a trip there in October 2023, flying from OKC. Discuss the following:
      • Travel route, layovers, travel time, cost (flying coach), etc.
    • Major travel routes while in country, and getting around within the destination


Part 5: Summary and Sources

  • Summary
  • Sources used (at least 10 sources, APA or MLA style)
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