Javascript Question

1. Review the old specification (specification.pdf) in the docs directory. You will absolutely need to understand it and the code you are extending.
2. Review the extension specification at the end of this document, which describes all the extensions to be done.
3. Design and implement the extensions using the best-practices we discussed in class.
4. Provide a readable, professional looking UML diagram of the updated design. This should be
a PDF file called design.pdf in the docs directory.
5. For each new class that you implement, you must provide unit tests in the form of Junit5
tests. You should design your classes and modify existing classes to facilitate the testing.
6. In a file in the docs directory called refactoring.txt list all the class-implementation
and class-interface refactoring that you will do and refactoring that you would recommend.
7. Perform any class-implementation and class-interface refactoring that you promised to do



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