journal poverty

Watch the video and respond to these questions in a minimum 1 paragraph each

One understanding of poverty in the U.S. suggests that large-scale societal issues like race and class perpetuate it. Others argue that the actions of individuals are responsible for poverty; however, poverty is often a temporary condition that isn’t caused by fault of the individual — so is it fair to blame them?

What are some of the structural barriers in society that prevent people from falling into poverty, or climbing out of it?

What conditions might one face that lead them into poverty?

What are your ideas on how we, as a society, could prevent more people from falling into poverty?

How do you think those ideas would be accepted in society? (Remember, a stratification system also include an ideology that justifies the inequality.

So, would your ideas justify why people are poor, or why people are rich?


All answers should come from the video. Create a reference for the video and cite the video using the video time. Any other external source should be cited as well. Include a total of 3 references, including the video, all well formatted in APA.

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