Kaplan remediation and written assignment Instructions N174

As you are remediating, type into a word document all the questions you answered incorrectly. You must type out the full Kaplan question and the answer options.  Failure to do so will result in not achieving credit for this assignment.  After typing each question, then write one paragraph total or bullet points addressing the four topics below.  Failure to address the four topics will result in not achieving credit for this assignment.

-What is the specific identified topic of the Kaplan question? -Narrow this answer to 3-4 words.

-What is the rationale behind the correct answer?

-What is the reason the other three answer options are incorrect?

-What is the reason you answered the question incorrectly?  For example, misidentified the topic, did not know content, misread question


If you answered incorrectly a question from the case study section, you only need to type that specific question.  You do not need to type the entire case study.


Upload your word document onto the CCLE class website under “Kaplan Remediation Written Assignment Submission.” Upload as a word document and not PDF or JPEG. Be sure to include your name on the document and to save your document as “Name, Kaplan FRT, Physical Assessment”


So quick summary- The written word document remediation is only for questions you answered incorrectly.


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