L1 : 10 different paragraphs, each paragraph consists of at least 11 sentences, with conditions applied | NEW ANSWER

In this assignment, you are going to write a paragraph about a job. As
you prepare your paragraph, think about the Unit Question, “What is a
good job ”?
10 jobs were selected to train professional jobs in a title in the Joe area
paragraph. What is required is the use of 6 vocabulary words and 3
grammar as shown below. Each paragraph must include 12 sentences in
the form of an article used. Underline or highlight vocabulary and
Write a paragraph about Talk about every job like it’s your dream job. Describe
the job responsibilities. Explain why the job is right for you.
1- First title: Lawyer
2- Second title: Judge
3- Title Three: Legal Adviser
4- Title Four: Criminal Lawyer
5- Title Five: Doctor
6- Sixth title: Teacher
7- Title VII: Policeman
8- Eighth title: Nurse
9- Title IX: Civil Engineer
10- Title Ten: Accountant
1) Read, understand and write according to the given rubric (see below) .
2) You MUST use 8 words from the unit’s vocabulary list in every paragraph
(see below) .
3) You MUST USE THREE grammar skills taught in the unit in every
paragraph (see below). ( GRAMAR ” like / want / need .. ” )
4) Follow the model essay in every paragraph .
5) Read your essay at least TWO TIMES BEFORE submitting it to avoid errors.
6) DO NOT COPY from the Internet. Write the essay in your own words .
7) You need at least 12 sentences in every paragraph
8) Avoid plagiarism from any source and write from your imagination, taking
into account the specified conditions
9) Each topic is in a different paragraph, and a title must be written for each
10) 8 of the accompanying words should be used in each paragraph (Use
11) Grammar rules must be used in at least three sentences per paragraph (Use
12) Each paragraph should consist of 12 useful sentences

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