Interview article: Kama’āina: Kawai Strong Washburn Interviewed by Kathryn Savage :…

Reading and Writing assignment: Read the article linked above and answer the following questions based on the article and the novel.

“KS: “Is All Writing Environmental Writing?” In it, Dungy writes: “I can’t compartmentalize my attentions. If an author chooses not to engage with what we often call the natural world, that very disengagement makes a statement about the author’s relationship with her environment . . . What we decide matters in literature is connected to what we decide will matter for our history, for our pedagogy, for our culture.” (BOMB)

Question1:How do the following…choose 2 from the following: climate change, sustainability, and other environmental, social and political issues of our time figure in Kawai Washburn Strong’s novel “Sharks In The Time of Saviors?” Cite 2 example that support your answers from the reading (make sure to include the name and number of the chapter).

“KSW: Leaving Hawai’i for the continental United States can be a particularly jarring experience. You’re not coming from another country, but sometimes it feels like you might as well be. There are things you can’t take with you—the food, the atmosphere, the cultural predispositions—and things you can. Each of the characters take a different set of things with them, particularly their narratives of what they represent to their family, what their kuleana (responsibility) is…” (BOMB)

“KS: Nainoa, Dean, and Kaui, the children of Malia and Augie Flores, find success through their varied brilliances—Noa who heals, Dean a top athlete, and Kaui, a gifted student. Many of your novel’s characters carry the burden of their talent, of being exceptional,…” (BOMB)

Question2: The Characters: What do each of the 5 characters represent? What might they represent culturally? How are they representational of culture, culture lost, culture reclaimed and the more contemporary aspects of cultural navigation in contemporary Hawai’i? In what ways are the characters representational in a temporal sense? What is being said about their geographic history and present?, How do their ps

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