This essay will be graded on presentation, organization, content, development, and mechanics.

Use MLA format for essay. This essay should be written in first person.

In a short essay of three paragraphs (distinct introduction, body, and conclusion) address the questions posed for one of the topics below. You only need to pick one topic for your essay.

Topic 1: What movie, television show, video game, book, piece of music, or poem has most influenced or changed how you perceive the world? At what age, and in what way did it influence you? Was this influence positive or negative? Why do you suppose it had such an impact on your life?

Topic 2: If you could have a thirty-minute conversation with anyone living or deceased, who would it be? Why would you want to talk to this particular person? What topics would you discuss with them? What questions would you want to ask them? What do you think you would gain from this conversation?

Topic 3: Many people dream of becoming president of the United States. Would you ever like to run for public office? What causes or issues would you champion? What polices or laws would you change if you were in a position of power? Do you think the overall experience of serving as the President of the United States would be worthwhile?

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