Estimated word count for the final essay is from 750-1000 words. However, there is no upper- or lower-word limit for the assignment. Write no less and no more than you need to write to accomplish the tasks associated with each prompt.

For a strong essay, include references to at least one class material that you have read in the context of this theme. Consider and think about readings/videos/podcasts that were important to your learning growth, articulate their relevance, cite them within your theme essay and then put them in your reference list. Please adhere to APA formatting conventions (paragraphs, in-text citations, and reference list of cited work).

In the body of the essay also refer to at least one artifact (materials that you’ve created for courses) in relation to this theme. Consider how this artifact was instrumental in deepening your learning in relation to this theme. Dip liberally into your previous work and use evidence from your own learning throughout your essay.

Consider expanding your ideas beyond the single core course, include examples and artifacts from other courses and educational experiences in your reflection on each theme.


Threshold concepts are concepts that once learned, lead to a deeper and significantly different understanding of the theme. Threshold concepts are:

  • Transformative. After learning a threshold concept a learner thinks about the theme in a fundamentally different way. Threshold concepts lead to significant new insights into the theme and may be accompanied by changes in values, or attitudes.
  • Irreversible. Once learned, a threshold concept is not likely to be forgotten or unlearned. Because threshold concepts are transformative, it is impossible for a learner to go back to seeing the theme from the previous, untransformed perspective.
  • Integrative. Threshold concepts reveal interrelatedness that was previously not recognized by the learner and lead to development of more elaborate and connected knowledge representations.

Threshold concepts are potentially difficult for learners to grasp initially, but once understood, they create a portal into a broader understanding of the world. Apply this idea of threshold concepts to your own learning for this theme. Threshold concepts may sometimes not be exclusive for transformative, irreversible and integrative. It can be one concept but you can demonstrate how this concept was transformative, irreversible and integrative for you. In other words, think deeply about your learning in relation to this theme and provide details. Consider using these prompts when articulating this section of your essay:

  • What threshold concepts did you acquire (in this theme)?
  • In what ways did they transform your thinking?
  • How were they irreversible?
  • How did they help you see interconnectedness or interrelatedness that you didn’t recognize before?


Think about the entirety of your experiences in relation to this theme. Go beyond the core classes and think about all classes, field experiences, and the work you have done related to this theme:

  • What experiences or ideas or learnings did you find challenging or difficult?
  • Discuss why and how these experiences were challenging.
  • Were you able to work past the challenges or are you still working with them?
  • How have these challenging ideas or experiences affected your professional development?
  • What is your unfinished business from this theme? How have you worked with this and what are you working on right now?


  • What do you want to work on next in your development related to this theme?
  • How will your past challenges influence your future learning in relation to this theme?
  • Where is your area of greatest strength and confidence related to this theme?
  • What aspects of your development (from this theme) give you pause, or cause trepidation? How do you plan to engage with these issues?


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