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Assignment Question(s):

Read carefully the mini case No 18 from your textbook (entitled ‘Tesla Motors Inc.) and briefly answer the following questions: (1 mark for each question)

  • What is the competitive strategy used by Tesla Motors company?
  • Use the five forces of the M. Porter matrix to describe the industry that “Tesla Motors” belongs to.
  • Describe the different functional strategies of the Tesla Motors company.
  • Describe the relationship of Tesla Motors with its primary stakeholders.
  • Describe the market position of Tesla Motors.
  • Describe the core competency of Tesla Motors.
  • Describe any strategic alliance (acquisition, outsourcing, joint venture, ….) used by Tesla Motors? Was it successful? justify.
  • What are the main challenges that Tesla Motors faced?
  • Assess the competitive advantage of Tesla Motors in its market.
  • Recommend solutions for Tesla Motors to improve its competitive advantage.


  • Mini-project

From real national/international market, choose an example of acquisition and answer the following questions: (1 mark each question)

  • Briefly introduce your chosen firms, and partners of the acquisition (industry, nationality, size, market position…). Max 100 words
  • Explain the different reasons for this acquisition.
  • What is the method used by the acquiring firm to manage its culture after acquisition? underline the pros and cons of this method.
  • Is this acquisition successful? Justify.

Give three challenges that can face a firm that uses an acquisition strateg

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