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ead: Davidson, Experience History Volume 1: Interpreting America’s Past (via McGraw Hill Connect)

Chapter 15: The Union Broken

Chapter 16: The Civil War and the Republic

For your Chapter Reviews, you are expected to read the selected sections (manually edited by the instructor) that connect to our class lectures and discussions. Using the text as your source, write a 300-500 word short essay that answers any one of the following essential questions* from the Section 6 notes:

  1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages both the Union and Confederacy had against one another going into the American Civil War. What factors ultimately resulted in a Union military victory in the war?
  2. Describe Abraham Lincoln’s political development from a Unionist to an Abolitionist. What external factors helped to influence this transformation?
  3. The American Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in all of American history and widely considered to be the first occurrence of modern war. What aspects of the fighting contributed to the high casualty toll and the change in military strategy?
  4. Describe how the American Civil War came to an end. How do different sides involved in the conflict have different memories that are sometimes at odds with one another?
  5. What factors led to the failure of Reconstruction in the American South after the Civil War? In what ways are aspects of the Civil War still being fought out in the U.S. today?

*When writing your essay in the discussion thread make sure to do the following:

  • If using a direct quote or block of information from the text, make sure to put the name of the textbook editor in parenthesis, followed by a period (Davidson).
  • Where possible, use examples from the text to support an historical argument that follows your own interpretation from the reading and ideas of its meaning.
    • Do not simply say, “According to the book….” Instead make a statement and then use the book as a resource to help support your answers.
  • Discuss what you learned and what you would like to learn more about.
  • Where possible, connect at least one idea discussed in class to your review.
  • You are welcome – but not required – to challenge the historical perspective presented in the text. If there is something that you feel could be fleshed out more, or a part of the story that seems to be missing, be sure to point it out.


Write a 300-500 word review on any of the following multimedia sources listed below. Your documentary/podcast review should contain the following:

  • Your response/reaction to the film.
  • What did learn from the documentary and what you would like to learn more about?
  • Describe the point of view/perspective the filmmakers take when presenting the topic of your documentary.
  • List at least one blind spot or missed opportunity the film could have addressed. Are there places where the filmmakers could have given the audience more information.
  • Identify at least one instance of bias (a preference toward one point of view over another) that occurred in the documentary. This could be from the way the film is presented, an explanation given by one of the experts interviewed, or the way the information is packaged.
    • (Note: There will always be occurrences of bias in everything you watch in this class. This is not necessarily a negative, but becoming aware of how a preferred point of view can inform the way a story is told is one of the primary goals of this course.)
  • How do the topics brought up in the film relate to topics discussed in class?
    • Make sure to include a specific example from the class lectures to receive full credit for this assignment. (You will need to attend class to answer this part of the assignment and receive full credit.)
  • (Going back to your earlier answers and reflecting on them): In your opinion, do you think “never again” can become a reality? Do you believe there are any ways in which you as an individual would be able to have an impact on this situation?

1865: Sic Semper Tyranus/The Star of Washington City

Sic Semper Tyrannis | 1 Transcript

Inside the Episode: S1E1 Transcript

The Star of Washington City | 2 Transcript

Inside the Episode: S1E2 Transcript

President Lincoln is mortally wounded. The nation is under attack. Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton takes control and tries to protect Vice President Andrew Johnson. After the discovery of a mysterious note from Booth to Johnson, Stanton goes on a hunt for the truth

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