Marketing 101


1. BestBuy recently changed their return policy, and returns can only be made on the next day of purchase during Black Friday. Alice, Kelly, and Billy went to BestBuy on Black Friday to take advantage of the sales. While visiting the store, they ran into their friend, Taylor Swift, who had been shopping with her best friends, Maggie and Roger, the entire day. Taylor Swift was so excited to see her friends that she forgot all about why she was in the store in the first place. She left without making a purchase, but as soon as she exited the store with Alice and Billy – she remembered that she still needed to pick up her preordered Wii system, and she immediately returned to the store the next day. Taylor was the last person in line, and according to her count, she was #20 in line for a new purchase, 50 customers in the customer service window, and they had 30 people in line for returns. How many visitors did they have in store on Black Friday and after Black Friday?
2. What contributed to the increase in site traffic and online sales? What is the total number of people who made a purchase online? What is the total sales revenue? BestBuy sent out an email blast about their Black Friday deals on November 27th, 2018, to 3,500 people on their list, of which 85% opened the email and made a purchase. When their analyst ran the analytics report, he noticed that traffic to the site increased by 25% and sales increased by 15% compared to last year’s results. The website’s average visits are about 55,000 visits per month, average sales are $45,000, and the average order value went from $20 to $30 for that reporting period compared to the previous year. During the same period, there were other marketing promotions, including TV ads, Billboard ads, and online display ads that also promoted the Black Friday deals at BestBuy.
3. BestBuy is looking to improve the level of “online engagement” and “online sales”. Which one of these tests do you recommend and why? A/B Testing or Value Spectrum Analysis? Explain your answers.
4. 4. Last year, UCLA ran their analytics report and discovered that 50% of student registrations were completed online, 35% of student registrations were completed through an email campaign, 15% of student registrations were completed with an academic advisor (in which the advisor added 50% of those entries), and there were some mailed-in registrations as well that was added to the website. If the total revenue generated from student registration was $250,000, what is the total revenue generated online? Explain your answer.
5. UCLA is looking for where to invest its marketing budget in order to boost student enrollment. One area of steady growth is foreign students however, their online engagement is relatively low, non-international students have better online engagement, but low enrollment. If UCLA is trying to understand why this is happening and if they need to change their overall marketing strategy, what report do you recommend? and why?

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