Marketing project

I need to a help me to making marketing the plan about this product that covers the following 11 topic as minimum 15 pages

I only need the 11 topics mentioned below to be covered :

1.Introduction 2 paragraph product description and scenario of company mission and objectives

2.Environment analysis (micro and macro)

3.SWOT analysis three points under each element of swot analysis

4.Marketing goals

5.Target market segmentation and targeting strategy (clear description of target mark like age and demographics) and customer profiling

6.Advantage of product compared to competitors

7.Competitive analysis

8. Market mix and four P’s (Price, product, promotion, place )

9.action plan

10. budget and financial assumption

11.sales analysis

The subjects above should contain the answers to the following questions:

♣Who? (who is your company? who is target customer?)

♣What? (what is the product or service offered?)

♣Where? (where is your market located? where will you be implementing your marketing activities?)

♣When? (when will your plan be implemented? when do you expect the results?)

♣How much? (how much profit, sales, ROI to you expect?)

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