mental health system

my agency is called mental health system . A little bit about My agency services different populations that struggle with it. Social behavior, trauma, Mental health anxiety. assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and behavioral disorders in individual and group contexts. . Our goal is to maintain an empathetic, ethical and responsive attitude in all phases.. So sometimes we have to run a group session and the rest we do if we Shadow at a different school. Also for those who choose to do their session after school, they come to our office and we offer a therapist for them to get the treatment done. for this assignment my school is asking us to write 2-3 pages summary answering the 9 competency and how i grow in this position.

Write a self-evaluation on your field experience for this semester in the following core competency areas using the Comprehensive Skills Evaluation as your guide line:

  • Competency #1 – Professional and Ethical Practice
  • Competency #2 – Diversity and Difference in Practice
  • Competency #3 – Advance Human Rights and Social, Economic and Environmental Justice
  • Competency #6 – Engage individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities
  • Competency #7 – Assess individuals, families, groups organizations and communities
  • Competency #8 – Intervene with individuals, families, groups organizations and communities
  • Competency #9 – Evaluate individuals, families, organizations and communities
  • Address areas of growth, and challenges in each competency above (#1-3, and 6-9).
  • You may address other competencies in addition to those listed above, if relevant to your internship and area of practice. Ex, SW 755 may wish to include additional competencies regarding policy practice and evidenced based practice and research.


  • Evaluate your learning and describe how you acquired these skills. Please include examples to illustrate your growth and increased competence.

Challenges – Areas for Improvement

  • You may address gaps or challenges. You may discuss areas you would like to gain more experience in and areas you did not cover. What competencies do you still struggle with? What new experiences would you like to be exposed to?


  • Comprehensive Skills Evaluation – Use the individual practice behaviors listed under each competency to gain a better understanding of the possible content areas.
  • Complete your self evaluation in the narrative space below: (2-3 pages equivalent)
  • Your field instructor and field faculty will review and sign after you have completed and signed the form. You may wish to review your self evaluation with your field instructor as part of your end of semester evaluation and dialogue.
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