MGT425 – Interactive Activity

Learning Outcomes:


  • Find some structured ways of dealing with complex managerial decision problems.
  • Explain simple decision models and management science ideas that provide powerful and (often surprising) qualitative insight about large spectrum of managerial problems.
  • Demonstrate the tools for deciding when and which decision models to use for specific problems.
  • Build an understanding of the kind of problems that is tackled using spreadsheet modeling and decision analysis.



8.2 Action Required:


Read the following chapter of your Textbook.

Chapter 8: Non-Linear Optimization



8.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):


  • Explain the various types of constraints.
  • Describe the Portfolio Optimization Model.



8.4 Instructions


  • Answer both questions in test your knowledge section.
  • Post your answer in the discussion board using the discussion link below (Week 8: Interactive learning Discussion)


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