MKT520: Social Media Marketing

Section 1: Social Listening Analysis

Summarize the primary intelligence gained by conducting a social listening analysis

According to the primary intelligence collected in the social listening analysis on social media, Hilton hotels receive an average of 1.5 thousand mentions on Twitter daily.  Most of these tweets are related to their special offers, promoted by advertising, guests sharing pictures, tourist companies, and news.

Various positive sentiments appeared in social listening.  This was common on most social media platforms.  This is good news for Hilton and is a strength since it places Hilton at the top of ratings in the hospitality industry (Hilton Worldwide, n.d.).  The Hilton group of hotels’ social media campaign is considered the essential method for a Hilton group hotel to generate interest in the public and promote the new and improved services offered by the Hilton group of hotels (Geheren, 2022).  However, we have many different social media marketing strategies and mediums to reach the public.  The most helpful notion for most Hilton groups of hotels in the industry is to adopt and implement several approaches so that one can be in a position to create a diverse marketing mix (Hilton Blends Corporate Strategy With Brand Expertise for Social Media | Marketing Dive, n.d.).  I chose a post in a journal on social media marketing for the Hilton group of hotels, and I believe this ad is the best because it meets several marketing standards.  It is in a position to convince customers.




There are more positive comments on most social media platforms, which is good for Hilton. The most popular social media platform for discussions about Hilton hotels is Twitter. Hilton then uses these insights to build their social media strategy.

According to what consumers are saying about Hilton Hotels, it is evident that it indicates an opportunity for them since the comments are positive. Its competitor, Marriott Hotels, has a weakness in online management and social media use. This makes Hilton shine since, When it comes to online customer service, Hilton is reported to be interactive. He has a reasonable response rate (Hilton Blends Corporate Strategy With Brand Expertise for Social Media | Marketing Dive, n.d.).


This helpful strategy incorporates the power of social listening, enabling Hilton’s staff and social media teams to engage and interact with their customers. Social media marketing is the name given to a collection of various showcasing systems which are used to promote the Hilton group of hotels and their administrations (Geheren, 2022). Eventually, the fundamental reason behind hospitality promotions is to portray the Hilton group of hotels in a positive light and interface with a targeted gathering of people. This can influence them to turn into customers. Social media marketing is frequently convincing in nature, where it focuses on a group of people and is proposed to create upgrades to business results for the time being or the long term.

Most people posted about their positive experiences when they visited Hilton: this is evident, especially when it comes to comments on Hilton’s cozy rooms, beautiful rooms, and the best hospitality services by having happy and friendly staff (Hilton Worldwide, n.d.). The central role of social media marketing strategies is to increase business. Social media marketing is significant for various reasons (Hilton Worldwide, n.d.). For example, through publicizing, numerous Hilton hotel groups can develop customer mindfulness, pass on their qualities, and feature their characteristics. Social media marketing material is one of the fundamental ways that the Hilton group of hotels can emerge from their rivals and impart an attractive selling focus. A successful Hilton group of hotels’ publicity will likewise empower custom unwaveringness.

Hilton hotels have over 1.5 thousand Twitter mentions daily. Most of these relate to Hilton’s unique features and offers. Using the slang ‘To New Memories, ‘ Hilton can offer its clients exciting experiences (Hilton Worldwide, n.d.). It is critical to comprehend that the Hilton hotel group incorporates different methods and orders.

Recommendation and Conclusion 

Besides being a critical stage in completing customer administration, web-based life is a fantastic channel for advertisements and other limited-time content. The key is to make different web-based social networking showcases blend with a mix of Hilton Group of Hotels content, web content, video content, and other limited-time material. Hospitality must perceive the different scopes of social media platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn.







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