MSA 601 Culture Change

Change involves making something different. When change is an intentional, goal-oriented activity it is called planned change. There are two goals of planned change: a) Improve the ability of the organization to adapt to changes in its environment, and b) Change employee behavior.

For this paper, find a recent news story in which you believe change (as describe above) is needed in an organization. Be sure to include:

  1. A brief introductory paragraph or two that explains the situation, and what will follow in your paper.
  2. How you would define the culture of the organization in question.
  3. An explanation of a change theory you would employ to prompt change, as well as the desired change you are seeking.
  4. A critique of the theory you selected.
  5. How the change theory can be applied to a situation.
  6. A brief concluding paragraph that summarizes the key points.

Your paper needs to be 12 pages (double-spaced, plus front and back matter), APA style, with at least 8 scholarly sources

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