Mt 106 unit 9 journal: company branding

Branding is important for companies to establish themselves in the customer or client’s mind. As the marketplace becomes ever more competitive, the company must distinguish itself from the competition. Branding involves attributes such as the font type used in the company’s name, the company logo, and the social causes a company supports. It also involves how they treat stakeholders, their ethics, reputation, promotions, mission and values, all that people think of when the company’s name is mentioned. Think of Walmart’s logo symbolizing the inspiration of Sam Walton, the Google logo with its letters of different colors, McDonald’s arches, or Patagonia’s simple lowercase letters in a particular font. Each one of these companies has come to be associated with certain attributes in the customer’s mind.

Scenario: This company produces dog and cat treats and has a small kiosk in the town’s outdoor mall. They need your help.

Make sure to view the branding activity prior to addressing the bulleted items. Then do some research on the Internet on pet food and supply companies.

  • Who does the scenario company want to attract to their products?
  • What kind of competition do they have in the marketplace?
  • What branding should they use? Describe it and why it is effective.
  • How will they distinguish the branding you suggest from the competition’s?
  • Where should the scenario company use this branding, and why?
  • Create a brand for this business
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