NA AK – Cloud computing week 7 task


Final Project:

1) Imagine you’re starting your own Cloud Computing business. What are the potential challenges and issues you’ll face while starting a new business?

2) Look through the NIST framework and come up with a guideline for your company based on the NIST framework.

The NIST Framework is designed to help you protect your small business from cyber security threats — this info can be found on week 7 ( attached pdf )

Questions ::

Identify: What Type of cloud services will your business be using? What Processes need to be protected?

What type of cloud service (unmanaged, Multiple cloud providers, Outsourced IT service providers) What level of service (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) (Module Two-Week Two)

What type of Cloud Deployment will you use?

Will you be using a web hosting, what type? Will you be using any bare metal hosting?

What cloud platform will you be using? ( Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, Oracle, Linux or other)

Will you use any of the “recent developments in cloud computing” ?


2.Protect: What tools and processes do you need to have in place to PREVENT a Cyber attack?

3. Detect: What tools and process do you need to help detect a cyber attack?


4. Respond: How will your business respond to the attack?

5. Recover: What structures do you have in place to recover from the attack? How will you restore your processes?

Will you use any Virtual Machines?

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