Network Management IT340

Network Management IT340

  1. Required work

Select one tool among the best network monitoring tools using SNMP presented in section 3 and perform the following tasks:

  1. Describe the monitoring tool and provide two arguments to support your choice (5 mark).

  2. Download and install the monitoring tool in your computer by giving the screenshot of his interface (5 mark).

  3. Configure the SNMP management tool by selecting the SNMP version, credentials, community name, context and so on by giving the screenshot for various selected parameters needed for configuration (5 mark).

  4. Make a discover of the network to know the connected devices in your network by providing the screenshot of the network map (5 mark).

  5. Describe three network analyzes provided by the monitoring tool by giving three screenshots and describe their network parameters (3 marks). Use three different analyze categories like Performance/Top 10, Log/SNMP Trap and Tools/SNMP MIB Walker.



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