Newman’s theory views health as a process of expansion of the consciousness and not the lack of the healing process or illness. On the other hand, the relational theory views health as a means of identification and understanding relationships to ensure good health. A major parallel observed between the relational inquiry theory and Newman’s theory is that Newman’s theory is focused on an individual who may not be suffering,whereas the relational approach has its practice centered on the patient. According to Newman’s theory, health is not regarded as the absence of sickness or a process of an individual being healthy; instead, health entails an opportunity of one expanding on their consciousness as a result of the choices that they make(Younas & Quennell, 2019). The relational theory, on the other hand, is focused on establishment of a therapeutic relationship between the patient and the nurse hence comprehending the core reason behind the patient’s suffering. Another parallel between the two theories is that the relational approach is committed in the nurse patient relationship, while the Newman theory only favors the primacy aspect of relationships (Rasheed et al., 2019).


The two theories entail a similar understanding of people.Newman’s theory views an individual as an open system capable of being affected by the environmental shocks. The psychological, physical, developmental, spiritual, and social aspects are included in the theory. The relational theory takes into perspective how self-development is premised on patterns from the interactive process and the relations with other individuals. In self-development, the individual gets to interact with different external aspects thereby improving on their consciousness (Younas & Quennell, 2019). Newman’s theory understands individuals in a different manner from the relationalapproach as it has the opinion that they should accept the stressors and view that as a part of improving on their consciousness. The relational theory, in return, v

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