Nursing intervention

Nursing intervention is classification care, a classification system that describes the activities that nurses perform as part of the planning phase of the nursing process associated with the creation of a nursing care plan. Its interventions are actions a nurse takes to implement their patient care plan, including any treatments, procedures, or teaching moments intended to improve the patient comfort and health.

My practicum setting Amygdala is a mental health behavioral clinic, which caters to mental health patients within the urban cities in Houston, for this practicum, the goal starts with diagnosing, gathering information, and family history. The organizational intervention that is geared toward aiding the objectives of this practicum setting, treating and curing patients of their primary diagnoses through the use of pharmaceuticals, and non-pharmaceutic means, encourages patient and family involvement in the interventions to cure their loved ones; caring outpatient teaching that includes the individual and community through outreach and a preventative approach. With the use of these interventions in the community, the population gets to believe in a health care system that is seeking to keep their community healthy and free of preventable illnesses, the intervention also encourages individuals who are symptomatic of mental illness will seek help as they get to know, they aren’t alone with their diagnoses.

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