Ozobot Shape Tracer

Browse to https://games.ozoblockly.com/shapetracer-basic and investigate the “line tracing games” there. After you become familiar with the coding tasks in “Shape Tracer 1,” browse to “Shape Tracer 2” –

https://games.ozoblockly.com/shapetracer-advanced and complete levels 1, 2, and 3. [home for these and others is, https://ozobot.com/create/challenges]

Using a screen capture app (and not your phone or camera), capture your code for each level after you successfully complete it. Ensure both your code and the path traced by the ozobot are visible in the screen capture.

Insert your screen images into a Microsoft Word data file. Save your file with the name assignment 1.3 and upload it here. Be sure your name is in the document and you have labeled the images with the level number.

Homework Assignment 1.3 is worth 10 points and will be graded based upon accuracy and completeness of information along with properly inserting the images into the document.


Using your Ozobot, create code, load it into the robot, and execute it to perform the following:

A – travel in a square

B – travel in two “back to back” triangles [imagine a crude bow tie shape]

C – travel in the shape of an infinity sign [imagine two crude circles back to back]

Upload your code pasted into a document here. You can test out your code before downloading it to your Ozobot (or in the absence of a real robot) by using the simulator https://games.ozoblockly.com/shapetracer-freeform or by using https://games.ozoblockly.com/shapetracer-advanced?lang=en and “ignore” the challenge and just code the assignment

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