performance management process.

scenario: Assume your organization’s executive team is considering hiring outside consultants to develop a performance management process that the organization can use to plan, monitor, coach, review, and reward employees. With the knowledge and skills you have developed in the University of Phoenix Personnel Psychology course, you want to propose to the CEO a research-based performance management process that would put you in charge of the company performance management process.


Use the following outline to develop a 15- to 20-slide PowerPoint proposal for a performance management process for the executive team. Use the following outline and questions for your proposal. Since you are presenting to executives, keep it simple. Speaker’s notes are not necessary. Make sure you communicate whole ideas succinctly on the slides of the presentation.


You are preparing a proposal for an executive team, not a paper for a professor. Keep it simple. Briefly communicate whole ideas that you support with research.

Briefly respond to each question with full ideas that you support with research. Develop each slide to stand alone without you but do not overwhelm the slides with narration.

To establish credibility and strengthen your persuasive skills, support your analysis and recommendation with research from the course materials and other credible sources.

Outline for assignment:

Executive Summary

Briefly summarize the entire document.


Current process

Summarize the current performance management process.


Explain the opportunities the organization can achieve by considering your proposal over others.


Provide definitions for key terms you will address in your proposal. This will help establish your credibility and create shared understanding. For example, explain the difference between performance appraisal and performance management.


Getting started

How will the managers meet with employees to develop performance plans?

Communicating performance expectations

How will the manager communicate performance expectations with the employee?

Collaborating with employees

How will your performance management process become a collaboration between employee and manager?

How will managers and employees establish goals that align with department and organizational goals?

Feedback mechanisms

What feedback mechanisms will you implement to ensure continuous progress on performance goals for employees and departments?


How will managers coach employees?

What training opportunities will be available for the employees?

How will you integrate leadership development to motivate employees?


Explain the benefits of continuous monitoring to make quick adjustments compared to periodic check-ins.

How will managers monitor employee performance?

How will employees monitor their own performance?



How will managers reinforce performance behaviors?

What feedback mechanisms will be in place to help employees monitor and manage their own performance?


How will managers correct or realign employees toward goals?

What steps will be taken if the employees’ actions cannot be corrected?

How will you adjust objectives if the job requirements change?



How will managers review employee performance?

How will managers rank employee performance?

What other parties might be involved in monitoring and reviewing employee performance?

How will managers provide actionable feedback during the review process?


What role will employees play in monitoring, reviewing, and ranking their own performance?


Meaningful rewards

How will you connect performance management to rewards and recognition that the employee will find meaningful?

What motivational methods can managers apply to increase performance outside of financial compensation?

Compensation adjustments

How will you connect the performance management process to compensation decisions?

Continuous improvement

How will managers and employees use the review process to prepare for the next performance management cycle?


How will you measure the effectiveness of the performance management process?


Make a closing argument for why the executive team should adopt your performance management proposal. Emphasize how you will make it work.


Include at least 3 credible sources. The course readings and resources should be primary sources. Supplement the course readings with library resources.


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