Persuasive speech outline


  • Your typed, complete preparation outline should:
    • Include your topic, general purpose statement, specific purpose statement, and central ideas statement.
    • Demonstrate the logical structure and organization of your speech.
    • Be broken down into the three main sections of your speech: introduction, body, and conclusion.
    • Indicate how you plan to transition from one section to the next. You must include a complete bibliography with your outline

For the overall structure, be sure to incorporate the following:

  • A clear and logical organizational pattern throughout
  • Effective, smooth transition sentences between sections
  • The introduction should include:
    • A creative and effective “attention-getter” or hook
    • A statement relating the topic to yourself and your audience
    • The overarching idea of your speech and a preview of your main points
  • The body of the speech should be broken into logical main points that support the overall theme, topic, and purpose. This speech should effectively persuade your audience to follow a certain opinion or action. Use your evidence wisely (examples, statistics, testimony, and stories), cite all sources, and utilize vivid language
  • Be sure to review and highlight the main points in your conclusion

I have attached a doc of exactly how long and what format the outline should be in.

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