PHI 314 WU Wk 4 New Ethical Concerns in Online Privacy & Data Security Discussion

The class is divided into teams (see table for team assignment and due dates). This is not a group project, the class is divided into teams for scheduling purposes only. Each person will do an individual current event. ONLY the team members assigned to the current event project for that week will do the current event assignment that week. This will complete your current event project requirement for the course.

Each member of a particular team will find a current event article related to ethics in information technology, create a mind map, and write a summary of the article that includes discussion questions for the class and a link to the original current event. The team member will submit the mind map and current event summary including questions and a hyperlink to their article here in Canvas.

When you are ready to submit your assignment, click on the title, “Current Event Assignment”; use the browse button to attach your summary and then again to attach your mind map. Remember to hit submit. You will also need to post your summary and mind map to your team’s Current Event Discussion Board (next item below) for the class to read next week. Starting in week 2 and every week after there will be several current event summaries for the class to read and discuss.

A good current event will consist of the following:
– Post the link
– Provide a brief summary about what the article is about and how it is relevant to the topic matter we are studying.
– Provide a summary of what you learned from the article / what made it newsworthy / why you found it interesting.

– Provide a Mindmap for the article. Here is an excellent Mindmap example

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