political science

Answer the following question: What are the main social problems that are of critical importance and threatening the future of societies according to the founding fathers of sociology (Marx, Durkheim and Weber)?

Using font “Times new Roman”, line spacing 1single, and font size 12 please prepare a 2000-word essay (around 6-7 pages) trying to fulfill the following requirements:

Give a brief insight of the main preoccupations of classical sociology and the historical context that led to the development of this social thought

What are the main similarities and differences in the works of those authors?

What is/are the main problem(s) of society

according to Marx;

according to Durkheim;

according to Weber;

Give the perspective which one of the three of them, according to you, was the most relevant in pinpointing societal problems, considering the subsequent development of modern societies.

Conclusion: In your own worlds try to characterize the perspective of classical sociology

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