Political Science Question

  • The paper will be an expository essay that is 3-5 pages long with references. For this paper you will draw on the readings from the books in class, supplemental reading, multimedia, and other legitimate resources that are academic in nature (i.e. do not use things like Wiki). This assignment is a reflection paper meant to push your thinking on one of the topics below.

  • The paper must contain a thesis and follow the general format of an expository essay. You can reference the following website from Purdue to see the general outline of this type of essay.

  • The paper must be double spaced size 12 Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins.

  • The paper must contain references (in-text citations) to the material from class and/or readings that support your response. You can use APA, Chicago, or any other official reference guide.

  • This paper is intended to allow you to state your opinions and thoughts, but you must make sure that you have material cited to back them up.


OPTION 1: The Presidency

 Please choose one of the following questions to think about and write about in your paper.

  1. What has happened with the power of the Executive Branch overtime?

  2. What are two to three powers of the presidency that have real influence?

OPTION 2: Congress

Please pick one of the following to answer in your paper.

  1. Why is Congress called the first branch?

  2. Pick a rule or two from the House or Senate and explain how it works.

OPTION 3:  A topic of your choice concerning American politics. Please make sure to pass it past the instructor if you go with this option.



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