Political Science Question

Students striving for a A, B, or C will write a research report about one of the two projects they will complete this semester. The literature study and methods section of the report are submitted here.

With your teammate, write the literature study and methods section of the paper.

For the literature study, use solid sources:

• at least 5 peer-reviewed articles

• at least 3 other reliable sources (.gov, .edu, national news + use your own judgment. NO BLOGS!!!)


• Use APA style! (Links to an external site.)

• Process your sources into a 2500-word literature study of your team’s research topic.

• Write 1250 words to explain every step you will take / have taken (methods), but write it in the past tense, as if it has already happened.

• Use the helpful resources posted in “files” in your group page.

This is a pass/fail assignment!

In order to pass and receive credit for this assignment, all work must comply with the highest or second-highest box of each rubric row. Work that falls short on one or more of these rows will receive zero points. See “Course policies” in the syllabus for rules on revision and resubmission.

Watch the video to learn how to find peer-reviewed articles:

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